Iran's Medical Devices at a glance

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Iran's Medical Devices at a glance
With the fourth world engineering rating of over a thousand medical Devices,Iran produces about 2,000 species of medical devices and medical supplies such as appliances and dental supplies and all sorts of disposable sterile medical stuff,laboratory machines and all kinds of Biomaterials and dental implants and 400 medical products are produced at the C and D risk class which all of them are licensed by the Iranian Health Ministry in terms of safety and performance based on EU standards.

Iranian medical Devices products are produced according to the European Union standards so the quality of products, skilled labour, access to the technologies of the world and the low price of products over the European countries are among the important features of these products and in these respects it is competitive with the products of European countries.

‏On cooperation with active commercial partners in the European Union, Iran exports medical devices and supplies which has Union’s standards and CE Logo to the applicant countries including 40 Asian and European countries, some of which are in the rest of the world by transferring technology from Iran to other commercial partners.

Among the ways that Iranian producers do for exporting their products to foreign countries is exporting to foreign countries by placing products in the name of the country as constructive country ( made in iran ) or production of products in and packaging it in the name of the country 's name and their exportation which is very welcomed by the European countries because of the contributions of other countries. It will also include the establishment of a joint production line between business partners and Iranian producing companies to manufacture and produce products to other applicants, from other production methods and export of Iranian devices and medical supplies.

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