First Vice President at Razi Medical Science Research Festival

The achievements of science and technology are a source of strength of the regime and Iran

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“The country's achievements in the field of science and technology are the main foundation of development and stability of the system and Iran.” the first Vice President pointed out the achievements of research in different fields

The achievements of science and technology are a source of strength of the regime and Iran

On the annual Razi medical science research festival, Webda reported, quoting the first vice president's site, Eshagh Jahangiri: Despite all the limitations and difficulties in the post revolution years, there has been widespread progress in the country's health

The first Vice President pointed out that the Iranian society is undergoing a serious change in the different aspects of political, economic, social and cultural aspects as well as the international arena: Along with these developments, the country faces serious threats that are affected by the first stage of major issues, such as health and treatment of the country, which is why public health should be one of the main tasks of government.

Noting that, over the past years we have witnessed tremendous progress in the country's health and health sphere, he said: “The achievements of medicine during the holy war and in the years thereafter were among the most important achievements of the country and a golden leaf in the history of the Islamic Revolution. It must continue to thrive both nationally and internationally.”

First Vice President also continued: " The advances and achievements of the country are not confined to only health but in other sectors such as industry is also visible; As Iran has become a country today that can be, in addition to design and engineering, producing and exporting some industrial goods and medical Devices, This is while we were importing goods in the past.

He stressed that resistance economy has been offered as a healing version in tough times and economic pressure said: “One of the most important axes of the resistance economy is the knowledge economy. We need to rely on the country's economy rather than natural resources to the knowledge and brain of the children of the country, and if that happens, it will be a safe future for Iran and the youth.”

The first vice president, citing his meetings with chairmen and teachers at 13 top universities on the issues and problems of the country, said: “Fortunately today, the top Universities in the country have put the issue of counter sanctions on their agenda, and by forming studies groups, they have presented the results of their studies in writing format to the government. The most important message of the measure is that the country’s academics stand by the government in this difficult situation to manage the situation well.”

He reiterated that the country's current difficulties have been imposed on the public and people: “Iran made good negotiations against the United State nuclear excuses with six major powers of the world, and an agreement reached that the UN Security Council agreed to approve the agreement, but the United States came out of the agreement with a unilateral act and again threatened to sanction the Iranian nation.”

He stressed that Iranian nation does not allow anyone to tarnish their dignity and play with the dignity of the nation, said: "We have to resist the dictatorship of America and find a solution to the country's administration. In this area, elites and pundits have important role because the government cannot manage these conditions alone.”

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