Minister of Health at the 24th Special Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival

We must study tomorrow's illnesses with prophecy

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We must contemplate the burden of tomorrow's illnesses, the Minister of Health said. The burdens of today’s illnesses are yesterday’s disregarding in the field of Health. For this reason, researchers have to help the health domain to predict future events that suddenly we don’t run into the dungeons of new diseases that will devour all the country’s financial resources

We must study tomorrow's illnesses with prophecy

Dr.Saeed Namaki, at the 24th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival, said: “As a veteran of the health system, who was in charge of managing the country’s budget issues, especially in the health sector, I’m proud that the health and research area of health had achieved great successes in the health system, thanks to the presence of strong, scientific and eminent human resources at universities in the country’s medical sciences and research centers.”

The Minister of Health added that today in the development literature, people do not consider human development as an extension tool, but they consider the developed human as the ultimate goal of development, and the role of the human force in national development is a striking role, fortunately this issue is evident in the field of research and health technology; This is in a condition that little resources are available to the field, so given few resources, great tasks are laudable in critical situations.

Dr. Namaki pointed out the measures taken in the health area following the success of the Islamic revolution in the country and said: “After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution, in the health arena, great and effective measures have been taken and its dramatic effects on the outside of the border enabled Iran to be ranked first among 23 countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. At that point, we succeeded in reducing infectious diseases and improving health indicators.”

The Minister of Health confirmed, pointing to progress made in the field of research and development of medical education in the country: “At present in the country, we are independent of all the specialties of medicine, and the educated elite and our scientists are on the boundaries of knowledge. But we shouldn't forget the ways we haven't gone yet. One day in the country we vaccinated children against six infectious diseases, but today they are dealing with more serious problems because problems such as increased non-epidemic diseases, cancers, traffic accidents and mental health care have the least share, while the Ministry of Health has the least share in reducing these complications.”

Dr. Namaki said, referring to his career at the Ministry of Health: “When I was Assistant Director of Health at the Ministry of Health, we set up the General Authority for Disease Control, as it was obvious that the epidemiological features of the disease will continue to reach the communicable diseases in a country that is being harnessed.”

The Health Minister stressed that the health research area should address the issue of non-epidemic diseases: “Today, the burden of the disease is not an important indicator for developing countries, but we must study tomorrow’s illnesses with futures studies. The burdens of today’s illnesses are yesterday’s disregarding in the health sector. For this reason, researchers have to help the health domain to predict future events that suddenly we don’t run into the dungeons of new diseases that will devour all the country’s financial resources.”

In another part of his remarks on the older population of the country, he said: “our elderly are different from other countries, so researchers have to design the national model for elderly health, as our seniors have a depressed spirit because their seniors have not been able to function properly and have always felt overhead due to lack of employment infrastructure. These people have no hope of living and continuing a happy life, so we are facing costly elderly population that has to be designed for them.”

“Health problems on the outskirts of the cities and the health of men are among the important issues that should be addressed in the research sector.” the Health Minister said.

“North Douglas is one of the leading theorists of development, Dr.Namaki said, according to him, the higher the cost of research is to invest. In another place said, in order to study the extent of the country's development, the morale of the students in the country's schools and the next degree will also consider the student's response to this probe spirit.

The minister pointed out that the study should be embedded in schools, noting that without dealing with research regarding field research, we will not find a solution to the country's issues and will be subject to past mistakes.

Dr. Namaki, contributed to the private sector in this research, considered one of the essentials of the health system and said: “In no country the contribution of the study is no more than one percent of the national resources, and the rest is compensated by the private sector, but not in our country. To engage in the private sector, the product (product or outcome) should also be purchased, the paper, even though it is a valuable indicator but the product is not limited to the article, product should be able to provide a node of the system's problems meaning the national economy needs such a move.”

The health minister pointed out that the avoidance of islanding behavior in the health system is another factor that has to be done more than ever in the field of research. We must not be alienated from each other, the island structure does not solve the problem of the country's research area. We must join forces and identify priorities.

“In the field of research, have to move out of the Ministry of Health circle.” Dr. Namaki said.
Nowadays, SDH or effective social elements influence on health. In addition to the private sector, medical sciences have to join the field of research and come to the scene. Components of environmental, psychological and economic factors affecting health, including components within the health sector, should be involved in other sectors.

At the end of address to the country's researchers, the Minister of Health said: “We must go beyond the borders of the country. Now, there are major research centers in the world that don’t close the doors, they don’t close the doors of knowledge, try to connect with them, use their facilities and conduct research and research projects with them.”

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