The General Director of the Medical Devices and Medical Requirements announced

Iran’s 22nd International Exhibition “Iran Health” aimed at supporting local producers and exporting companies

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For his part, Engineer Seyed Hossein Safavi announced that Iran’s exhibit was a" boom in production" in June of this year

Iran’s 22nd International Exhibition “Iran Health” aimed at supporting local producers and exporting companies
According to Webda, Regarding the holding of the 22nd International Exhibition of Medical Devices, medicine and laboratory of Iran Health, Engineer Seyed Hossein Safavi said with the aim of supporting the producing and exporting companies: “This exhibition is one of the biggest events in the field of medical Devices and Medical requirements that put the latest achievements of producers and knowledge - based companies to the representation of consumers, companies, universities, medical sciences and health centers.”

He added that this year, according to the naming of the year 98 by the supreme leader in the name of the production boom, the importance of holding “Iran Health” exhibition in Iran has become more important.

The general Director of the Medical Devices and Medical requirements continued: “Unfortunately, the outrageous sanctions from the enemies has effected on supplying medical Devices but with reliance on locally produced this year, domestic production will be doubled, and the exhibition will be very effective for the production boom.”

"At present, we have put our aim for the quality of equipment production and medical supplies at the Ministry of Health and the Iran Health exhibition will also create a competitive environment in addition to providing various medical facilities and its requirements to the representation of consumers, which is very effective in improving the quality, Engineer Seyed hossein Safavi said.

The promotion of quality of Devices and medical requirements is under consideration in the ministry of health, which is very important in developing exports, he said.

Holding Iran Health exhibition in order to improve the quality of these products could be very effective, The Manager of Medical Devices and Medical requirements at ministry of health said noting that exporting goods to compete in other countries should be qualitatively high in terms of conditions.

"Another issue that can be important in this regard is the issue of foreign exchange revenues as foreign exchange revenues are possible with exports and that the exhibition could be considered in this direction," said Engineer Seyed Hossein Safavi.

He added: "In the current circumstances the sanctions imposed from enemies made the conditions for exporters harder, but we are trying to take effective steps in this regard."

“The exhibition and presentation of laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical Devices are the main axes of the exhibition and other topics such as health tourism, knowledge - based companies, health apps and health media have been considered for the exhibition.” Engineer Seyed Hossein Safavi added.

Four Federation of Exporters Union of Medical Devices, Medical Devices Engineering Association, Association of Medical Devices Manufacturers and Businessmen Association of the Ministry of Medical Devices are participating in the Iran Health exhibition, which runs from June 9th to June 12th at the site of Tehran International Exhibition.

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