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Register LVAD device for the first time in Iran

Date:1/21/2019 11:01:00 AM   |   Code : 3742   |   View: 2874
For the first time in Iran, the LVAD device was registered for cardiac patients
Register LVAD device for the first time in Iran
This is a Ventricular Assist Device (Ventricular Assist Device), which is used to enhance the function of the ventricle muscle (often the left ventricle) in the blood pump process in the arteries after heart disease.

He added about the specifications of the device: the device consists of a pump, tubes for blood transfusion, and transmission to the aorta and pulmonary artery, valves and a pump control unit
An expert on bioelectricity at the Department of Medical Equipment Bachelors continued: These devices are used to improve blood circulation in patients with heart failure. The main components of these devices are placed outside the body, but some of its parts (such as cannulae and balloons) may be inside the circulatory system. These devices are used temporarily in the recovery of heart disease or during cardiac transplantation

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