Health Minister at the 72 World Health Forum in Geneva

Unilateral and unfair sanctions affect public health coverage

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"We are committed to ensure that all people have access to a comprehensive, high quality health services package without tolerating financial problems and a joint report by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization on the plan to access public health coverage has been published yesterday.” the Minister of Health said
Unilateral and unfair sanctions affect public health coverage
According to Webda, Dr. Saeed Namaki, on the 72 World Health Forum which was held in Geneva, said: “Unilateral and unfair sanctions are certainly affecting the efforts of public health coverage in access to drugs, advanced healthcare services and technology, especially those suffering from chronic disease.”
“We request from the World Health Organization to assess the impact of such sanctions on access to public health coverage and take all appropriate measures through the General Manager of the United Nations and at a meeting of high ranking officials on public health coverage, which will be held in September of this year.” He added.
The Ministry of Health stressed that sanctions and unilateral acts are threatening to harm the innocent people who need necessities such as medicine and Medical Devices and we request from the international community to question the United States of continuous illegal action which is a "crime against humanity".
Dr. Namaki expressed his satisfaction with the lecture on the 72 session of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization, focusing on: "The universal coverage of health: no one outside the coverage" said: The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Director General of the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Kazakhstani government to celebrate Its 40th anniversary of Almata on the Kazakhstani threshold.
He said “We believe that the strengthening of the most equitable, effective and lasting health systems is the most effective and most stable tool for achieving the triple goals of the thirteen public plan of the World Health Organization.”
He also added: “We hope the organizational changes and the new structure of the World Health Organization's central office will match the global agenda, Although my personal experience, when I served as former deputy health minister in public health 30 years ago, shows that there should be a separate department for non-epidemic diseases, although other changes will also be effective against global challenges.
However, we are looking forward to see tangible effects of such reforms in regional and country offices.
The minister of health considered basic health care services in Iran during the last three decades in accordance with the whole population and with special attention to poor and disadvantaged people, said: “The health system’s strong infrastructure has shown its effectiveness in improving many health indicators, such as infant mortality, immunization coverage, maternal mortality and mortality reduction because of the recent devastating floods, which left more than three million people homeless, but there was no significant disease.

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